The ZES ZIMMER LMG670 is the first Power Analyser without compromises. Its DualPath architectures offers simultaneous narrow- and broad band measurements through two independent measurements paths.

The LMG can be configured with up to 7 measurement channels (or 6 including an IO card for control & monitoring process signals). Three different Channel Measurement Modules are available: A1 module for high precision broadband measurement, B1 module for general purpose measurements and the C1 module for precision 50/60 Hz measurements.


ZES ZIMMER Power Analyzers

Key features

  • Outstanding accuracy of 0.015% of measured value + 0.01% of range
  • Full dynamic range of 500 µA to 32 A / 3 mV to 1000 V
  • Analog bandwidth DC up to 10 MHz
  • Modular configuration with 1 to 7 power measurement channels
  • Gapless sampling up to 18 bit and cycle time < 30 ms
  • Delay time between V and I input < 3ns,
  • DualPath: Simultaneous independent measurement of narrow and broadband
  • Harmonics and inter harmonics up to 2000th order, with optional I/O card speed/torque inputs freely configurable for all signal types (analogue, frequency as RS422,TTL or HTL) via menu
  • Flexible scripting tool for custom applications
  • Simultaneous measurement of V, I, P values and harmonics
  • Signal filters freely configurable by frequency, type and characteristics
  • Synchronization to up to 7 different frequencies simultaneously
  • Flicker measurement, interactions between grid and appliance according to EN61000-4-15
  • Large and clearly arranged touchscreen GUI for intuitive handling
  • Excellent connectivity via USB2.0, GBit-LAN, RS-232 and DVI/VGA



  • Frequency converter
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Aviation Compliance
  • Lighting Engineering
  • Electric drive systems
  • White Goods
  • Research / Laboratories
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Power Generation
  • Transport
  • Inductive Components & Cores
  • Test Bench Design & Development
  • Ultra-high-speed Machines


Frequency Accuracy Ranges
DC-10 MHz 0.025% 3 - 1000 V
5 mA - 32 A


Option Details
L6-OP-DRV Option package for frequency converters for LMG670 (at least 3 power channels), consisting of:
  • L6-PSI: Process Signal Interface
  • L6-SDC: Star-Delta-Conversion
  • L6-HRM: Harmonic analysis up to max. 400th order (2.000th order with inter-harmonics)
L6-OP-TRAFO Option package for transformers for LMG670 (at least 3 power channels), consisting of:
  • L6-SDC: Star-Delta-Conversion
  • L6-HRM: Harmonic analysis up to max. 400th order (2.000th order with inter-harmonics)
  • Custom specific menu, programmed with the arithmetic mean of Utrms and Itrms and the corrected output value Pc (Pc specified by the customer!)
L6-OPT-DVI DVI / VGA Interface for connection of an external display, beamer, etc., resolution 1024 x 600 pixel. External device needs to support 1024 x 800 pixel resolution.
L6-OPT-PSI Process Signal Interface 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 2 fast analog inputs (150 kS/s, 15 kHz bandwidth), 8 slow analog inputs (DC), 32 analog outputs, 2 frequency inputs (frequency, orientation, position; DTL, HTL or differential).
L6-OPT-SDC tar-Delta-Conversion Minimum requirement LMG670 with at least 3 power channels.
L6-OPT-HRM Harmonic analysis up to max. 400th order (2.000th order with inter-harmonics) of U, I, P, Q and S, fundamental 3... 1200Hz, up to 150kHz (A1 channel) resp. 15 kHz (B1 and C1 channel) with anti-aliasing filter, customizable settings for the detection of inter-harmonics.


Product no. Details
L6-ACC00-D LMG670 manual in German
L6-ACC00-E LMG670 manual in English
L6-ACC01 19 inch rack mount kit
L6-ACC14 Adaptor for LMG670 to connect sensors and current clamps

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