The ZES ZIMMER LMG500 is a multichannel bench power analyser which can be fitted with 1 to 8 independent measurement channels. It can measure directly voltage up to 1000 Vrms and 32 Arms.

The basic accuracy is 0.025% and the bandwidth 10MHz. It features a colour screen that displays measurement values, scope or plot function.


ZES ZIMMER Power Analyzers

Key features

  • Wide dynamic measuring range from 3 V to 1000 V / 3200 Vpeak, 20 mA to 32 A / 120 Apeak
  • Modular with 1 to 8 power measuring channels
  • Measuring accuracy at 45 to 65 Hz 0.015 % of reading plus 0.01 % of range
  • 3 MSample/s per channel, gapless sampling
  • Capturing transients and fast signal changes by event triggering in parallel to the ongoing measurement
  • Group delay between voltage and current measuring input <3 ns
  • Harmonics and inter-harmonics up to 50 kHz internally, and up to 1 MHz with an external PC
  • Flicker measurement
  • Ergonomic user interface for easy, intuitive use of the power analyser
  • Real-time evaluation of the measurements in numeric tables and diagrams
  • Data communication interfaces (RS232, USB, IEEE488.2, Ethernet)


  • Frequency converter
  • Aviation Compliance
  • Lighting Engineering
  • Research / Laboratories
  • Electric drive systems
  • White Goods
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Power Generation
  • Transport
  • Inductive Components and Cores
  • Test Bench Design and Development


Frequency Accuracy Ranges
DC-10 MHz 0.025% 3 - 1000 V
20 mA - 32 A


Option Details
LMG500-1 1-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-2 2-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-3 3-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-4 4-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-5 (3+2) 5-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-6 (3+3) 6-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-6 (4+2) 6-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-7 (4+3) 7-Channel, bench-type instrument
LMG500-8 8-Channel, bench-type instrument
L50-O1 IEEE488.2 Interfaces
L50-O2USB USB Interface (USB Driver download)
L50-O2LAN 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface (LAN Driver Download)
L50-O3 Process signal interface
L50-O4 Flicker meter acc. to EN61000-4-15
L50-O5 Triggering on events
L50-O6 Star to delta conversion
L50-O8 Harmonics up to 99th
L50-O9 CE-Harmonics up to 40th acc. to EN61000-3-2
L50-O10 DSP extension module for LMG500
LMG-CONTROL-WA Wave form analysis for LMG-CONTROL-B
L50-OP-FU4 Option package for frequency converters/ motors for LMG500-3 and LMG500-4
L50-OP-FU8MA Option package for frequency converters/ motors for LMG500-5 to LMG500-8
L50-OP-TRAFO4 Option package for transformers for LMG500-3 and LMG500-4
L50-OP-TRAFO8MA Option package for transformers for LMG500-5 to LMG500-8
L50-OP-WBL4 Option package for frequency spectrum analysis and harmonics up to 1.3 MHz for LMG500-1 to LMG500-4
L50-OP-WBL8MA Option package for frequency spectrum analysis and harmonics up to 1.3 MHz for LMG500-5 to LMG500-8


Product no. Details
L50-Z00 LMG500 Manual
L50-Z01 19"-Mounting Kit
L45-Z04 Carrying case for 1-4-Channel LMG500
L50-Z13 Cable for coupling a second LMG500 for channels 5-8 instead of the extension chassis LMG500-E
L50-Z14 Adapter for LMG500 to connect sensors and current clamps
L50-Z18 Adapter for incremental speed sensor onto LMG500 measuring channel (I-Sensor input)
L50-Z19 Adapter to synchronize

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