The LMG450 is a bench top 4 channel power analyser with serial and printer interface. It can measure directly voltage up to 1000 Vrms and 32 Arms.

It has a large colour screen that can display measurement values, scope function, plot function or vector display. It has direct inputs for voltage up to 600 Volt and current up to 16 A. External sensors can be connected for range extension.


ZES ZIMMER Power Analyzers

Key features

  • 4 independent Isolated current and voltage channels
  • 0.1% Basic Accuracy
  • Direct Voltage Ranges 6 – 600 V
  • Direct Current Ranges 0.5 – 16 A
  • Standard Serial and Printer Interface
  • Optional IEEE488.2 Interface
  • Gap Free measurement
  • Pre-Compliance CE Harmonics measurement
  • Harmonics and inter-harmonics up to the 99th harmonic, respectively up to 99 inter-harmonic
  • Transient function
  • Analog and digital in-/outputs
  • Formula Editor
  • LabVIEW driver


  • Frequency converter
  • Power Generation
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Research / Laboratories
  • Magnetic Cores
  • Transport
  • Test Bench Design and Development
  • Aviation Compliance
  • Electric drive systems


Frequency Accuracy Ranges
DC-20 kHz 0.1% 6 - 600 V
600 mA - 16 A


Option Details
L45-O1 IEEE488.2 Interfaces
L45-O2USB USB Interface (USB Driver download)
L45-O3 Process signal interface
L45-O4 Flicker meter acc. to EN61000-4-15
L45-O5 Monitoring transients
L45-O6 Star to delta conversion
L45-O7 Memory extension for scope
L45-O8 Harmonics up to 99th
L45-O12 Special adjustment for active power measurement on transformers and other reactances
L45-O15 Modification of voltage input: max. allowed trms value 1000V in biggest measuring range
L45-O16 Motor Torque-SOFT (Info sheet)


Product no. Details
L45-Z00 LMG450 manual, German or English
L45-Z01 19"-rack mounting kit for LMG450
L45-Z02 Carrying / tilting handle bar for LMG450
L45-Z04 Carrying case for LMG450 and accessories
L45-Z13 LMG450/500 master-slave cable, length 1m connection of 2 pcs. LMG450 via Sync inputs for simultaneous measuring of more than 4 phases Possible couplings:
  • LMG450 <-> LMG450
  • LMG450 <-> LMG500 (1-8 phase)
  • LMG500 (1-8 phase) <-> LMG500 (1-8 phase)
L45-Z18 Adapter for incremental speed sensor onto LMG450 measuring channel (HD15 sensor input)
L45-Z318 RS232 - Ethernet - converter, 10/100Mbit ( LAN driver download)
LMG-AMP Artificial star point simulation for 3p-3w-systems
L5-Z03 Cable for coupling of process signal interfaces (analogue and digital) between two LMG450 and/or LMG95
L5-IOBOX-S Adapter (also for DIN rail mount) from 25pol. SUB-D connector to screw cage connection for conductor cross sections up to 1,5mm x mm
L5-IOBOX-F Adapter (also for DIN rail mount) from 25pol. SUB-D connector to spring cage connection for conductor cross sections up to 1,5mm x mm
L45-Z09 Adapter BNC to HD15 for isolating current sensors with voltage output; without EEPROM
L45-Z22 Adapter safety plug to HD15 for isolating current sensors with current output up to 1.2Apk; EEPROM for storage of scaling

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