Teledyne LeCroy MDA 800 Series Motor Drive Analysers

The Motor Drive Analyser (MDA) increases the performance and usability of the HDO8000 even further to provide complete three-phase power analysis from motor drive input through motor mechanical output, with results in a convenient Numeric table format.

Based on the HDO8000 platform, motor speed, position, and torque integration are the most complete available. Long memory, per-cycle “synthesized” Waveforms and Zoom + Gate mode provide powerful dynamic drive and motor analysis. The 8 analog input channels (MSO optional) with high resolution (12-bits), sample rate (up to 2.5 GS/s), bandwidth (up to 1 GHz) and memory (up to 250 Mpt/ch) provide unique capability to perform complete system debug on the motor drive power section, motor mechanical performance, and embedded drive control system operation.


MDA 800 Series Motor Drive Analysers from Teledyne LeCroy

Key features

  • Complete Motor Drive System Debug and Validation in One Instrument
  • Three-Phase Power Measurements; Real, Apparent, Reactive Power
  • Efficiency Measurements
  • User-Configurable Power Table
  • Two- and Three-Wattmeter Methods Supported
  • Per-Cycle Time-Correlated Waveforms From Power Values
  • Dynamic Drive Response Analysis, From Start up To Overload
  • Unique Zoom + Gate Mode
  • Line-Line To Line-Neutral Voltage Conversion
  • 1000 VRMS Isolation with HVD Series Differential Probes
  • Easily Interface Other Current Measurement Devices
  • Complete Motor Integration (Torque, Speed, Position)
  • Flexible Setup Capability
  • Graphical User Interface


Models available

Model Bandwidth Channel Memory
(per Ch/interleaved)
Sample rate
(per Ch/interleaved)
MDA803 350 MHz 8 50 Mpts 2.5 GS/s
MDA805 500 MHz 8 50 Mpts 2.5 GS/s
MDA810 1 GHz 8 50 Mpts 2.5 GS/s

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