Teledyne LeCroy HDO8000 Oscilloscopes

The HDO8000 follows on from the HDO6000 range, increasing the inputs available to 8 channels, whilst retaining the Teledyne LeCroy’s HD4096 high definition true 12-bit technology.

The HDO8000 is ideal for debugging and troubleshooting high power three-phase power electronics, automotive electronics, and embedded/mechatronic designs with high resolution sensor signals. Comprehensive digital logic (MSO), low-speed serial data trigger, decode and analysis toolsets, and the widest variety of probes and application packages complete the solution. Get the most intuitive long-memory analysis using the unique Q-Scape multi-tab display architecture.


HDO8000 Oscilloscopes from Teledyne LeCroy

Key features

  • 8 analog channels
  • 12-bit ADC resolution, up to 15-bit with enhanced resolution
  • 350 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz bandwidths
  • Long Memory – up to 250 Mpts/Ch
  • 16 Digital Channel MSO option
  • Q-ScapeTM Multi-tab display architecture
  • 12.1” WXGA touch screen display with Ultra HD (UHD) 3840 x 2160 pixel extended-desktop mode
  • Wide probe selection for power electronics, embedded electronics, and mechatronics applications
  • Advanced analysis and reporting toolsets
  • Advanced Triggering supplemented with TriggerScan and Measurement Trigger
  • Serial Data Trigger, Decode and Debug Toolkit Options


Models available

Model Bandwidth Channel Memory
(per Ch/interleaved)
Sample rate
(per Ch/interleaved)
HDO8038 350 MHz 8 50 Mpts 2.5 GS/s
HDO8058 500 MHz 8 50 Mpts 2.5 GS/s
HDO8108 1 GHz 8 50 Mpts 2.5 GS/s

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