HORIBA MIRA boosts world-class EMC capabilities in european first

4th November 2016

HORIBA MIRA – a world-leader in advanced engineering, research and product testing – has invested in a new power amplifier for its world-class Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) facility.

The Liquid Cooled Power Amplifier from Amplifier Research provides readily available radio frequency (RF) power for typical applications such as RF susceptibility testing, antenna and component testing.

The first of its type in Europe, the 12.5kW Liquid Cooled Power Amplifier will enable HORIBA MIRA to test vehicles for the automotive and defence sectors at a higher radio frequency field in radiated immunity testing.

An RF amplifier is a tuned device that amplifies high-frequency signals used in radio communications. It is needed when radiating a device under test with an intense electromagnetic field. In radiated immunity testing, EMC engineers identify how well a vehicle and its software performs when subjected to electric field disturbances (interference), such as radio transmitters, radar and mobile phones in use close to the vehicle. An electric field disturbance is created by directing an RF signal through a Power Amplifier, which then sends the amplified voltage to an antenna – turning this voltage into a varying radiated electric field. Testing at this higher level is essential as vehicles are subjected to increasing levels of radio frequency interference both from within the vehicle and externally.

Amplifier Research has supplied HORIBA MIRA with its amplifier needs since 1987.

Mark Emery, EMC Technical Manager at HORIBA MIRA commented "As part of our growth strategy within our EMC, Cyber and RF Resilience service sectors, the increase of power amplification is paramount in achieving the desired radiated field levels for our wide customer base in both the automotive and defence sectors. HORIBA MIRA has worked successfully with Amplifier Research for nearly 30 years and we look forward to working with Amplifier Research on our future amplifier strategies in the coming years."

Mark Reeve, Managing Director for AR UK Ltd added, "We are extremely proud to be one of HORIBA MIRA's strategic partners and the principle supplier of the power amplifiers in their test facilities. The high mismatch tolerance and robust design of the AR amplifiers make them a perfect choice for even the most demanding of applications. We look forward to working with HORIBA MIRA in the future as they continue to develop and expand their capabilities".

For further information on HORIBA MIRA, please visit www.horiba-mira.com.