Announcing Our New Partnership with MVG-EMC

12th February 2015
AR working with MVC-EMC

We recognise that at times our customers need more than just individual EMC products to support them with their product testing. They need a trusted advisor they can work with to understand their testing goals and deliver them with quality EMC turnkey solutions to ensure final compliance and a reliable product. For this reason, MVG-EMC (a Microwave Vision Group company) and AR Europe have teamed up to combine their expertise and product portfolio to offer you more.

So what makes us different? Experts in our fields, we don't just supply the products, we also manufacture them and with our other third party suppliers we offer just one point of contact for everything you need to support your EMC testing requirements. We can provide everything from high power RF EMC amplifiers, antennas, software and accessories, to shielded anechoic chambers, shielded rooms and absorber products.

This agreement will allow both companies to offer quality EMC turnkey solutions based on their combined expertise and product portfolio throughout Europe. This partnership enables MVG-EMC to utilise the expertise and products of AR to support turnkey EMC projects. AR Europe, in turn, will provide a full range of MVG products starting with MVG-EMC shielded rooms powered by Rainford and MVG-EMC absorbers powered by AEMI.

Each company has built a strong relationship and understanding of its customers. By combining our product lines and this knowledge, we will be able to offer a one stop shop of quality, tailored, EMC solutions.

AR Europe has more than 40 staff and has an enviable reputation in the EMC Test System business. The knowledge and experience of our systems engineers, combined with our extensive range of EMC instrumentation means the addition of MVG-EMC Anechoic test chambers will allow us to offer unrivalled support to our customers.

The combined offering will be available through the AR Europe offices based in the UK, France, Benelux and Germany as well as Rainford HQ located in St Helens UK.