SC6540 Scanner

The Hypot III series of manual Hypot instruments sets the standard for production line safety compliance testing.

These instruments are packed with productivity-enhancing features and proven safety technology to reduce the safety compliance bottleneck on the production line. All models include basic Continuity test capability for compliance with international standards as well as advanced functions like our patented SmartGFI operator safety circuit and PLC I/O. Interconnect the Hypot III with a HYAMP III Ground Bond instrument to form a complete safety compliance test system. Interested in automation and data collection?


Associated Research SC6540 Scanner

Model overview

High Voltage

High Current

8 Channel

16 Channel
HN Yes Yes
HH Yes Yes
HG Yes Yes Yes
GN Yes Yes
GG Yes Yes

Available in both master and slave configurations

Key features

  • USB/RS-232, GPIB or Ethernet Interfaces available
  • Configurable Scanning Matrix
  • Multi-point or Multi-product testing capabilities
  • Automation Interfaces for Autoware Control
  • Point-to-Point Continuity Tests
  • Up to 16 high voltage switching channels on a single scanner
  • High current outputs rated up to 40 Amps
  • Up to 80 testing points from a single power source
  • Compact 2U rack mount design

Designed to interconnect with any of our automated electrical safety testers the SC6540 allows for automated multi-point or multi-product safety testing. This is an ideal solution for applications such as transformers, motors, cables or any DUT that requires tests between various points.


Option Details
Input (Master only) 115 VAC (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz, single phase
230 VAC (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz, single phase
User selectable
Fuse (Master only) 250 V/2 A/fast-blow
PC Control (Master only) Choice of Ethernet, GPIB or USB/RS-232
Scanner Control Master: one scanner bus output controls up to 4 additional slaves
Slave: one output and one input
Maximum HV Rating 5 kV AC and DC
Maximum HC Rating 40 Amps
No. of Possible Channels 8 or 16
HV Output Terminations 100 ft. reel HV cable rated for up to 30 kV with 8 HV connectors
GND Output Terminations 20 terminals provided, to accept 10/12 AWG hook-up wire (user supplied wire)
Temperature 32˚ - 104˚ F (0˚ - 40˚ C)
Humidity 0 - 80%
Altitude 6560 ft. (2000 m)
Dimensions 2U with tilt-up front feet (WxHxD) 17 x 4.07 x 12.96 in. (432 x 103 x 329 mm)
Weight Master: 20.05 lbs. max. (9.09 kg) (with 2 high voltage modules)
Slave: 15.45 lbs. max. (7.01 kg) (with 2 high voltage modules)

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