Omnia II

The OMNIA II is a multi-function Electrical Safety Compliance Analyser that provides users with customizable features and unmatched functionality.

With 6 models to choose from, a multi-language menu system, and a variety of automation interfaces available, the OMNIA II is ready for global deployment.

It can be used as a bench top instrument or as a PC controlled system used in tandem with Autoware® II control software and is well suited for Medical testing applications that require multiple electrical safety tests including Line Leakage tests.


Associated Research Omnia II

Model overview

AC Hipot

DC Hipot

Insulation Resistance

Ground Bond

Ground Continuity

Line Leakage

Functional Run

Built-in AC Power

Power Source
8204 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8254 500 VA* Yes Yes Yes Yes
8206 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8256 500 VA* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8207 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8257 500 VA* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Meets 200 mA short circuity requirements

Key features

OMNIA II provides an 800 x 480 Colour TFT display that makes setting up test files, viewing results, and performing tests easier than ever. Color-coded test steps clearly indicate pass/fail conditions. Choose from 3 different colour schemes to match your preferences.

Allows operators to personalize menu settings. Create shortcuts to your favourite screens and preferences for unmatched ease and speed in setup.

Models 8207 and 8257 feature a built-in 500 VA AC power source. This makes performing safety tests that require an external power source easier and more efficient. It also makes the 8207 and 8257 a true one box Line Leakage testing solution.

Maintains power to the DUT during Line Leakage test steps greatly reducing overall test time.

Allows the user to perform a simultaneous Hipot and Ground Bond test. This can safely increase productivity and throughput on the production line.

Comes standard with a USB/RS-232 interface. The 8204 is also available with optional Ethernet, GPIB, Data Storage, and printer output interfaces.

OMNIA II is available in two language settings. Users can select to view the menu in English or Chinese.

Allows users to link a total of 10,000 test steps. This allows users to create and save even the most complex test setups.

Is a high speed shutdown circuit that provides maximum operator protection. If the circuit detects excessive leakage to ground it shuts down the high voltage output in less than 1 millisecond. SmartGFI is automatically activated if the DUT is not grounded.

Allows users to insert prompts or instructions as part of the test cycle. This helps to eliminate operator error when changing test leads is required as part of the test cycle.

Automatically alerts the user when the instrument is due for calibration. This eliminates the need for manual tracking of calibration dates.

Is a menu-driven process by which the instrument's failure detectors are proven to be functioning properly, 'verifying' the functionality of the electrical safety tester and connected accessories.

Sets a minimum charging current which is based on the DC test voltage, the rate of rise, and the capacitance of the DUT. This circuit confirms that the DUT is connected when performing a test.

Prevents the test from failing during ramp up due to excessive charging current. This allows you to charge the DUT as rapidly as possible without causing false failures.

Allows users to offset hipot test leakage current.

Allows for more accurate readings during all load conditions.


Option Details
Voltage 115 / 230 V auto-range, ± 15 % variation
Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Fuse 115 VAC, 230 VAC – 10 A Slow Blow 250 VAC
PLC Remote Control Input: Test, Reset, Interlock, Recall File 1 through 3 Output: Pass, Fail, Test-in-Process
Safety Built-in Smart GFI circuit
Memory 10,000 steps
Interface Standard USB/RS-232, Ethernet, or GPIB
Security Advanced security system with access levels and username/password requirements
Graphic Display 800 x 480 digital TFT LCD display
Mechanical Bench or rack mount with tilt up front feet
Dimensions (WxHxD) 16.93 x 5.24 x 19.69 in. (430 X 133 X 500 mm)
  • 8204 - 37kg
  • 8254 - 42kg
  • 8206/8207 - 38kg
  • 8256/8257 - 47kg

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