The best Dielectric Analyser just got better. Associated Research have combined superior testing functionality and ease of use, with an innovative sleek design that showcases all of our productivity and safety enhancing features.

The HypotULTRA’s touch screen capability allows users to interact with their instrument as intuitively as they would with a smart phone. This simplifies setting up systems and test parameters. Users can also easily drag, drop and swap test screen meters to prioritize the ones they want to see. Get even more out of your instrument with direct barcode connection, this all-new feature increases efficiency and production throughput. The addition of on-board data storage takes the pain out of data transfer with flash drive support and local data storage. HypotULTRA will improve the productivity and safety of your production line in every single way.


Associated Research HypotULTRA

Model overview

AC Hipot

DC Hipot

Insulation Resistance

Ground Continuity

500 VA
7820 Yes Yes
7850 Yes Yes Yes Yes
7800 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Key features

Multi-Dwell cycles at different voltages for ACW/DCW/IR.

The patented SmartGFI® is a high speed shut down circuit that provides maximum operator protection. If the circuit detects excessive leakage to ground it shuts down the high voltage in less than 1 millisecond. SmartGFI is automatically activated if the DUT is not grounded. The operator does not need to make the decision whether to activate the SmartGFI.

Save up to 100,000 test results directly from your instrument.

Increase efficiency and production throughput by incorporating a barcode scan. A simple scan will associate your DUT with the test sequence and test data. Our barcode scan also supports concatenated barcodes.

Preset test that ensures your instruments failure detectors are working properly.

Save time and ensure accurate testing with our prompt & hold feature. This feature provides on-screen instructions between test steps. In complex test set-ups this helps to eliminate operator error and will ensure safe and accurate testing.

Create a safe workstation by incorporating a DUT enclosure, light curtain, or other device into our Remote Safety Interlock circuit.

Quickly retrieve information you require easily by customizing your instrument’s interface with quick links to your most-used screens.

Other features

  • 400/800 Hz Option
  • Negative DCW Option
  • Accredited Calibration
  • 2U Cabinet Design
  • Data Transfer
  • Save up to 2,000 Test Steps
  • Touch Screen
  • Multi-Language
  • Advanced User Security


Option Details
Voltage 100 – 120 VAC / 200 - 240 VAC ± 10 %, AutoRange
Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Fuse 7820 and 7850: 6.3 A / 250VAC Slow Blow
7800: 15 A / 250VAC Fast Blow
Mechanical Bench or rack mount (2U height) with tilt up front feet
Dimensions (WxHxD) 16.92 x 3.50 x 15.75 in (430 x 89 x 400 mm)
Interface Standard: USB/RS-232
Optional: GPIB (IEE-488.2), RS232/Ethernet or USB Printer
Weight 35.3 Lbs. (16 kg)
Memory 2000 Steps

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